Our Building Automation Systems make the management of your building’s safety, energy usage and comfort easy and cost-efficient.

Climate, lighting, scheduling, energy usage, security and safety can be integrated, automated and managed from one central point or divided into split systems for a building’s different tenants.

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Marlyn C. Kelch
Lead Sales Consultant
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Senior Sales Consultant


We are responsible for more than 40 building automation systems in Bermuda. In each case, we work with individual clients to maximise convenience, comfort and return on investment. Our market leading full service agreement offers replacement and management guarantees, giving you cost predictability with unbeatable building reliability from a team who truly cares about your business.

Full service agreements, including equipment replacement guarantees
Energy management controls and split-user management systems
Core building management that limits energy usage whilst allowing for individual tenant control and comfort
Control limits notifications
Building cost management and reporting
Auto-scheduling for lighting and cooling, including seasonal updates
Building / Facility Manager communications, training and support
Comprehensive building energy audits
Daily monitoring and personal management from our team

We have close partnerships with global manufacturers including Johnson Controls, Trane and Daikin to deliver the most innovative Building Automation systems in Bermuda.

Each system is designed for your specific needs, organising information in the most logical way and delivering it where and when you need it. No matter how simple or complex your needs, our technology experts will be able to design a building control system which transforms the comfort and safety of your building whilst reducing its energy usage.

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We’re proud of our long-lasting – and in many cases, exclusive - partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers. We work closely with each of them to continually update our products and offer the most advanced solutions for your home or business.


With every project, our approach is to partner with you to achieve your goals and deliver responsive facilities support, including ongoing management contracts and energy efficiency audits. No two contracts are the same and effective communications are at the heart of what we do – from full project management to scheduling work out of hours to minimise disruption to tenants and employees, we make things work for you.

Supported by our highly trained response team 24 hours a day, 365 days year, we’ve got your back.
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